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A Study of the Land in the Grampians Area

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Horsham (PDF 145KB)
Warratong (PDF 218KB)
Brimpaen (PDF 139KB)
East Wonwondah (PDF 158KB)
Dunkeld (PDF 218KB)
Kowree (PDF 209KB)
Ararat (PDF 208KB)
Parrie Yalloak (PDF 199KB)
Dundas (PDF 201KB)
Darracourt (PDF 191KB)
Telangatuk (PDF 208KB)
Moora Valley (PDF 275KB)
Mirranatwa (PDF 197KB)
Grampians Ranges (PDF 257KB)
Ullswater (PDF 181KB)
Willaura (PDF 178KB)
Mt Dryden (PDF 150KB)
Mt William Creek (PDF 163KB)

Image: A study of the land in the Grampians Area
Summary (PDF 103KB)
Part I (PDF 230KB)
1. Purpose of the Survey
2. Area of the Survey
Part II (PDF 1.6MB)
3. Climate
4. Geology and Physiography
5. Soils
6. Native Vegetation
Part III (PDF 427KB)
7. Present Land-Use
8. Soil Erosion
Part IV (PDF 1.5MB)
9. The Edological Survey adn its Environmental Patterns
Note: For individual land systems, see list above
Part V General Assessment of the Area (PDF 304KB)
28. General Assessment of the Area
Part VI Acknowledgements, References, Appendices, Indices (PDF 1.0MB)

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