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Wimmera Geomorphology

See also Victoria's Geomorphological Framework

    The Geomorphology Reference Group (GRG) was established in 1995 by a group of interested parties with the aim of reviewing the Geomorphic Division of Victoria, primarily as a framework for the evolving Statewide Land Systems and contributing studies. The following map has been developed as part of the development of the new geomorphological framework for Victoria.
    For this region, the work of Rowan and Downes (1963) in defining Land Systems for north-western Victoria was a major starting point for this revision. The Land Systems approach for this area was revised by Jim Rowan as laid out in Land Systems chapter of the Mallee Area Review (1987) (external link) of the former Land Conservation Council. This was the initial basis for development of an approach to defining the Statewide Land Systems. Much of the soil survey work of the former Department of Agriculture in the Wimmera formed the basis for much of the revision of the southern part of this region (led by John Martin).

Image:  Wimmera Geomorphology
Wimmera Geomorphic Units
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Photo: Geomorphology Montage
Photo: Geomorphology Reference Group field investigation near Mt Arapiles.
Geomorphology Reference Group field investigation near Mt Arapiles.
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