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FLOWTUBE modeling of salinity management options for three dryland salinity sites in West Gippsland

This report describes the results of a study of three dryland salinity occurrences in the West Gippsland CMA region using a 2 dimensional modelling method called ‘FLOWTUBE’. The work arose out a recommendation made in the West Gippsland groundwater flow system study (SKM, 2005) to ‘model the flow paths between recharge and discharge areas and simulate the effects of various land-use changes’. The FLOWTUBE approach is a simple and legitimate method that provides a means to test different land management options. In developing each site model, the process has been beneficial in gathering available data, developing conceptual models of each site and also looking at rainfall trends, the other key driver of dryland salinity.

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Image:  West Gippsland Flowtube - Final February 2007
Front page, Table of Contents and Summary (PDF 208KB)
Introduction (PDF 84KB)
Rosedale (PDF 1.6MB)
Inverloch (PDF 1.4MB)
Yarram Setting (PDF 2.1MB)
Conclusions (PDF 40KB)
Recommendations (PDF 37KB)
References (PDF 259KB)
Appendix A (PDF 254KB)

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