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Winged sea lavender (Limonium lobatum)

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Scientific name:Limonium lobatum (L. f.) Chaz.

Common Name:

Winged sea lavender


Native to countries bordering the Mediterranean,
Limonium lobatum is and annual species, reported to occur in dry coastal vegetation in Spain, it has invaded areas of NW Victoria, particularly the Ouyen-Hattah area. In Australia it has been reported in sandy soils, in mallee, belah-rosewood and black bluebush communities, in slight depressions and fringing lakes and along roadside where it can invade adjacent pasture (Cunningham et al 1981; Polunin & Smythies 1973; Walsh & Entwisle 1996).

Winged sea lavender plant
Winged sea lavender plant
Photo: Mark Imhof
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