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Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum) (Nox)

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Scientific name: Hypericum androsaemum L.

Common name:



Noxious weed. The Agriculture Victoria website has information about the noxious weed classification of this species.


Humid and subhumid warm-temperate regions - occurring in areas receiving more than 750 mm of annual rainfall (Parsons and Cuthbertson 1992). It often occurs on damp, shaded sites and forest edges from where it encroaches onto adjoining pastures (Parsons and Cuthbertson 1992). Improved pastures are not usually invaded, but Tutsan encroaches onto semi-improved areas or pastures which have been severely overgrazed (Parsons and Cuthbertson 1992). Tutsan invades damp sclerophyll forest, wet sclerophyll forest, riparian vegetation, warm temperate rainforest, and cool temperate (Carr
et al 1992).

Photo: Tutsan flowers
Tustan flowers
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo: Tutsan Plant
Tustan plant
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo: Tutsan berries
Tutsan berries
Photo: Mark Imhof
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