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Large-leaf cotoneaster (Cotoneaster glaucophyllus)

Potential Distribution

Scientific name:Cotoneaster glaucophyllus Franchet

Common Name:

Large-leaf cotoneaster


Not declared noxious in Victoria.


Often in rocky places on calcareous soils (Griffiths 1992). It occurs as a weed in wasteland, scrub in gullies and gardens (Webb
et al 1988). Large-leaf cotoneaster invades heathland and heathy woodland, lowland grassland and grassy woodland, dry sclerophyll forest and woodland, damp sclerophyll forest, wet sclerophyll forest, riparian vegetation, freshwater wetland (seasonal), and rock outcrop vegetation (Carr et al 1992).

Photo:  Large-leaf cotoneaster plant
Cotoneaster plant
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo:  Large-leaf cotoneaster fruit
Cotoneaster fruit
Photo: Mark Imhof
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