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Rosewood (Tipuana tipu)

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Scientific name:Tipuana tipu (Benth.) Kuntze

Common Name:

rosewood, tipuana tree


Native to southern Bolivia and northern Argentina. Common in gallery forests of the Andes, found in both valleys and mountain forests up to 2,900 m. Grows under a wide range of climatic conditions and tolerates a variety of soils although prefers soils with good drainage. Grow on foothills and borders of dry farming lands (Cruz
et al 2002). Grows in subtropical environment with warm year-round temperatures in native range. Grows well in moist conditions and will survive temperatures to minus 6.5C. Invades disturbed sites such as roadsides and creekbanks, also grows in woodland and open grassland areas with an absence of grazing (CRC for Australian Weed Management 2003).
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