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Spiny rush (Juncus acutus) (Nox)

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Scientific name:

Juncus acutus L.

Common name:

Spiny rush


Noxious weed. The Agriculture Victoria website has information about the noxious weed classification of this species.


Humid or subhumid temperate regions, principally in low-lying damp, low fertility areas (Parsons and Cuthbertson 1992). It is commonly found as a weed of coastal flats, mine dumps and disturbed saline areas (Parsons and Cuthbertson 1992). Spiny rush invades lowland grassland and grassy woodland, riparian vegetation, freshwater wetland (seasonal), and saline and subsaline wetlands (Carr
et al 1992).

Photo: Spiny Rush plant
Spiny rush plant
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo: Spiny Rush seed head
Spiny rush seed heads
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo: Spiny Rush seed head
Spiny rush mature seed heads
Photo: Mark Imhof

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