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Lantana (Lantana camara)

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Scientific name:Lantana camara L.

Common Name:



Restricted Weed in the Mallee. North Central, Wimmera, Glenelg-Hopkins, Corangamite, Port Phillip & Westernport (East and West), Goulburn Broken, North East, West Gippsland and East Gippsland CMAs. Listed as a weed of national significance (WoNS).


Warm temperate, subtropical and tropical climates. Doesn’t grow at temperatures below 5C and shoots are sensitive to frost. Grows best in constant rainfall or in areas of high soil moisture. Grows on rich organic soils, well drained clay soils and volcanic soils derived from basalts. Invades open and semi-open plant communities such as road verges, grasslands and woodlands, and proliferates under lightly shaded conditions such as mature hoop pine plantations. Also forms monospecific stands along road sides and fence lines and in open grasslands. (Swarbrick, Wilson and Hannan-Jones 1998).

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