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Onion weed (Asphodelus fistulosus) (Nox)

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Scientific name:Asphodelus fistulosus L.

Common name:

Onion weed


Declared Noxious weed. The Agriculture Victoria website has information about the noxious weed classification of this species.


Semi-arid to subhumid warm-temperate regions, principally on sandy or gravelly alkaline soils of low fertility in areas with an annual rainfall of 250 to 500 mm (Parsons and Cuthbertson 1992). It is a weed of roadsides, disturbed areas and overgrazed pastures but does not dominate in well maintained pastures (Parsons and Cuthbertson 1992). Onion weed invades dry coastal vegetation, mallee shrubland, lowland grassland and grassy woodland and rock outcrop vegetation (Carr et al 1992).

Photo:  Onion Weed Flower
Onion weed flower
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo:  Onion Weed Plant
Onion weed plant
Photo: Mark Imhof

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