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Lippia (Phyla canescens)

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Scientific name:Phyla canescens (Kunth) Greene

Common name:

Lippia, Fog-fruit


Found in riparian areas, wetlands, floodplains, perennial pasture, roadsides (Julien
et al 2004), herb & grassland communities (Leigh & Walton 2004), sedgelands, lignum swamps, aquatic meadows, Red Gum & Carbeen (Corymbia) forests, Belah (Casuarina) & Buloke woodland, & Eucalypt woodland of grassy White-box, Poplar box, Coolibah & Blackbox (Fensham 1998, Munir 1993, Earl 2003). Occurs in sandy loam to heavy clay, particularly in moist areas or those periodically flooded, but becoming more prevalent above the flood line in higher areas & ridge country, and on lighter soils (Julien et al 2004, Leigh & Walton 2004).
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