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Cretan trefoil (Lotus creticus)

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Scientific name:Lotus creticus L.

Common name:

Cretan trefoil


Native to coastal areas of the Mediterranean, the species occurs naturally in beach and dune systems, as well as being used for revegetation and stabilisation in similar habitats. (Martinez, Rodrigo & Carazo 2000; Tsuriell 1974; Vignolio
et al 2005; Willmer 1986). The species has also been regarded as beneficial and a major component of pasture in arid and salt effected areas of Tunisia as well as being used as fodder species in Israel (Mokhtar et al 2006; Tsuriell 1977). The species is believed to be most invasive in coastal areas, but may be capable of invading degraded pastures and some arid environments.
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