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Freesia (hybrid) (Freesia alba x leichtlinii)

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Scientific name:Freesia alba (G. L. Mey.) Gumbl. x Freesia leichtlinii Klatt

Common name:



Hybrid developed in Italy but the two parent species are native to South Africa (Weeds Australia 2007) where they are predominantly coastal, with
F. leichtlinii found in deep sands and F. alba in sandy to very stony soils (Bond & Goldblatt 1984) often on the edge of or in open forest (Goldblatt 1982). Described as a weed of coastal dunes (Weber 2003) dry coastal vegetation, heathland & heathy woodland, grassland & grassy woodland, dry sclerophyll forest & woodland (Carr et al 1992), roadsides, waste land, urban areas (Walsh & Entwisle 1994) granite outcrops and swampy areas, and is able to grow on a wide range of soil types, from sand to clay (Florabase WA 2007).

Freesia plants and flowers
Photo: Mark Imhof
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