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Wards weed (Carrichtera annua)

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Scientific name:Carrichtera annua (L.) DC.

Common Name:

Ward’s weed


Carrichtera annua is a serious weed of semi-arid rangelands (rangelands with average annual rainfall between 250 mm and 350 mm) of Australia (Cooke 2003). A common plant of dry open and disturbed sites as well as grassland, shrubland and heathland (Weber 2003). Also reported to inhabit grassy woodland, mallee shrubland and lowland grassland communities (Carr et al. 1992). C. annua is known to invade disturbed areas, especially areas degraded by overgrazing, where it replaces pasture plants (Cooke 2003). Orchard (1946) also describes C. annua as a troublesome weed of cereal crops.
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