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Cobblers pegs (Bidens pilosa)

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Scientific name:Bidens pilosa L.

Common Name:

Cobbler’s pegs


Native to tropical America (GCW 2001). A weed in most regions including Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia & NZ (Weber 2003) A major crop weed (Holm
et al 1977). Annual rainfall range is 500-3500 mm, prefers moist sites but grows on sand, limerock & dry, infertile soils (Swarbrick 1997; Labrada 2001) & at high altitude (Becker et al 1998). Invades grassland, heathland, forest, streamlines, roadsides, forest clearings, wetlands, plantations, pasture, coastal & disturbed areas (Weber 2003; Swarbrick 1997; Mitich 1994). Found in all Australian mainland states (Richardson 2006). In NSW found on the coast, slopes & plains & has invaded remnant ‘grassy vegetation’ (SSC 2003; ESC 2002). In WA occurs in wetlands, drainage lines & lateritic screes (Florabase 1997; Hussey et al 1977).
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