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Vasey grass (Paspalum urvillei)

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Scientific name:Paspalum urvillei Steudel.

Common Name:

Vasey grass


Native to Argentina and Uruguay (Speedy 2004), in savannahs (Riveros 2007) and now distributed in southwestern Europe, tropical and southern Africa and Maaronesia, temperate and tropical Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America (Clayton
et al. 2007), in Vic, WA, Qld and NSW (Walsh & Entwisle 1994). Weed of disturbed areas (PIER 2007). Found on a grassy track, amongst other grasses and manuka scrub (Moore & Edgar 2007). Found on moist and flooded land, rarely on slopes (Rosengurtt 1948), including wetlands (Beadle et al. 2004). Weed of sugarcane (Ishimine 1987), apple orchards (Losso & Ducroquet 1983) rice (Williams 1956) and citrus (Phillips & Tucker 1974).
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