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Large quaking-grass (Briza maxima)

Potential Distribution

Scientific name:
Briza maxima L.

Common Name:

Large quaking-grass


Not declared noxious in Victoria.


Common in both rural and urban settings, primarily in areas receiving between 400 to 700 mm of annual rainfall (Muyt 2001). In Victoria, it occurs as a weed of roadsides, pastures (poor) and gardens (Blood 2001). In its native habitat of Europe, it also occurs as a weed in and around crop lands (e.g. olive groves) (Lombardi
et al 1998, Saavedra and Pastor 1996). Large quaking-grass invades dry coastal vegetation, heathland and heathy woodland, mallee shrubland, lowland grassland and grassy woodland, dry sclerophyll forest and woodland, riparian vegetation, and rock outcrop vegetation (Carr et al 1992).

Photo: Large Quaking Grass
Large quaking-grass
Photo: Austin Brown
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