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Divided sedge (Carex divisa)

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Scientific name:
Carex divisa Huds.

Common Name:

Divided sedge


Native to Europe, Asia & Northern Africa. Introduced in Australia, New Zealand, North America & South Africa (eflora 2007). Occurs in brackish situations, grassland, marshes, damp pasture, coastal & lake shores, along streams/ irrigation channels, gardens, rice fields, in mountains to 2600 m & often in inorganic soils (Aich
et al 1980, Jermy & Tutin 1982, eflora 2007). In Australia occurs in WA, SA, Tasmania & Victoria. In Victoria, naturalised along creek flats in North-central region & some Melbourne suburbs (Walsh & Entwisle 1994). Near Sunbury, inhabits wetland & creek edges & tussock grass communities (K. Roberg pers. com.). Near Castlemaine invades herb-rich woodland, creekline grassy woodland, riparian woodland & pasture (I. Higgins In southern WA occurs in brackish wetlands, swamps, winter-wet depressions & in sandy clay & black peaty sand (Marchant et al 1987, Florabase 1993, Walsh & Entwisle 1994).
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