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Asparagus fern (Asparagus scandens)

Invasive Assessment

Scientific name:Asparagus scandens Thunb

Common Name:

Asparagus fern (Climbing asparagus)


This species is often found in native forests and scrub areas and is also found to occur in open coastal areas (Timmins and Reid, 2000; Muyt, 2001). In Australia it establishes in heathland, woodland, riparian vegetation, dry and damp sclerophyll forests (Timmins and Reid, 2000: Blood, 2001). It has also been noted to establish in grassy places, rockwalls, hedges, forest remnants (Roy
et al, 2004; Timmins and Reid, 2000)

Asparagus fern - climbing
Photo: Mark Imhof

Asparagus fern flowers
Photo: Mark Imhof

Asparagus fern foliage
Photo: Mark Imhof

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