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Streaked Arrow-Grass

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Streaked Arrow-Grass photos

Scientific Name:Triglochin striata
Streaked arrow-grass - plant
Streaked Arrow-grass - plant

Photo: A J Brown


Native to Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and South Africa.

Plant Description:

Perennial, Rush-like plant, green or brownish in colour, with soft rhizomes and leaves forming tufts along the rhizomes. Leaves are 10-20 cm long, narrow cylindrical and hairless. Numerous (20-200) small (1.5-3 mm diameter), round, green, fruits on a central stem which varies in height from 3-30 cm.

Perennial. Leaves and stems grow from stolons (stems along or below ground). Individual flowers have short stalks. The fruit are about 3 mm by 2 mm.


Loams, clay loams and clay. Rarely on sandy soils. Frequently found in salt marshes and coastal areas. Also found in wet open areas throughout Southern Victoria. Does not appear to grow in the Mallee or in the Alps. Prefers damp, water-logged situations, usually in the margins of ponds and lagoons.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Central and Northern, WimmeraS2, S3W2, W3
Western, GippslandS2, S3, S4W2, W3


Other species of Arrow-grass can sometimes be found in saline environments but most are distinctively different to Streaked Arrow-grass.

Streaked Arrow-grass Photos

Photo:  Streaked Arrow Grass Flowers
Streaked Arrow-grass flowers
Streaked arrow-grass
Streaked Arrow-grass - plant

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