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Slender-Fruited Saltbush

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Scientific Name:Atriplex leptocarpa
Photo: Slender-Fruited Saltbush
Photograph courtesy of
Viridans Biological Databases (external link)

Other Common Name:

Slender-fruit Saltbush, Long-fruited Saltbush, Long-fruit Saltbush, Creeping Saltbush.


Native to Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland

Plant Description:

Perennial shrub with rigid branching stems that spread along the ground.

Leaves a scaly grey, oblong or
linear lanceolate, 2-3 cm long, the margins smooth or with a few small teeth. Flowers in clusters in the leaf axils.

Fruiting body almost stalkless, 3 – 6 mm long, the lower three quarters tubular and hardened, the upper portion somewhat compressed, with 3 minute triangular lobes at the top. Flowering most of the year, mainly in spring and summer.

Mallee, Loddon MurrayS2, S3, S4W0, W1


Not specific, in numerous plant communities and on several soil types. common on
duplex soils and scalds.

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