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Sea Rush

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Sea Rush photos
Family: Rush (Juncaeae)

Scientific Name:Juncus kraussii
Image:  Sea Rush
Sea Rush - population
Photo: A J Brown


Native to Australia (all states) and New Zealand.

Plant Description:

Large, rigid, clumping forming
perennial to 120 cm tall with an extensive rhizome system. Leaves and flower stems are tough, have pithy centres and taper to sharp points. Flower-heads are generally many branched with clusters of flowers towards their ends.


Generally grows in coastal saltmarshes but also occasionally found on saline swamps and along the margins of salt lakes in Western Victoria.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Western, GippslandS3, S4W1, W2, W3


May form impenetrable
thickets and is unpalatable to livestock. This species is very similar to the introduced Spiny Rush (Juncus acutus) which grows in similar environments but differs in having smaller seeds (seed capsules 2.5-3 mm long and dark-red to almost black coloured), many branched inflorescence of flower clusters and light brown cataphylls (short leaf sheaths) at the base of the clump.

Sea Rush Photos

Sea Rush flowerhead
Sea Rush flowerhead
Photo: A J Brown
Sea Rush
Sea Rush
Photo: A J Brown
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