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Rounded Noon-Flower

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Rounded Noon-Flower photos

Scientific Name:Disphyma crassifolium subsp. clavellatum
Photo: Rounded Noonflower - red leaves
Rounded Noon-flower - red leaves
Photo: A J Brown

Other Common Name:

Round-Leaf Pigface


Native to Australia.

Plant Description:

Perennial succulent with smooth, more or less cylindrical leaves (or leaves with three flattened but convex faces and rounded angles between) growing in clusters or opposite pairs on a horizontal creeping stem that roots at the nodes. Leaves often have a reddish or yellowish tinge and are 2-5 cm long and 4-6 mm thick with a pointed tip.

Flowers are pink or purple with numerous linear petals and are about 3 cm diameter when open. Flowers close at night and open again in late morning. The fruit is a red to light brown dehiscent capsule with 5 membranous flaps which open at the top when ripe. Flowers in spring and summer.


Grows in a wide range of soils and plant communities but especially in saline depressions and on alluvial clays in north-west Victoria and on the fringes of saltmarsh and cliffs along the coast.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Mallee, Loddon Murray, *Western, *GippslandS2, S3, S4W1, W2, W3
*largely confined to the coast in these regions


Drought and frost resistant. The leaves accumulate salt and are not often grazed by livestock. Can be useful in preventing soil erosion.

On inland sites, Rounded Noon-flower oftens grows in association with
Common Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) and or Small Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum) but it lacks the warty nodules/glands of the Ice Plants.

Similar to the Pigfaces (
Carpobrotus spp.) but the leaves of these are sharply angled between the flat or slightly convex faces and the fruit is fleshy and indehiscent (see Key to Pigfaces and similar plants). Inland Pigface (Carpobrotus modestus) generally grows on shallow, rocky and dry soils across the west of Victoria. Other species of Pigface (Carpobrotus spp.) are largely confined to coastal dunes, cliffs and saltmarshes.

Rounded Noon-Flower Photos

Photo: Rounded Noonflower
Rounded Noon-flower - at the end of the growing season
Photo: A J Brown
Photo: Rounded Noonflower
Rounded Noon-flower
Ex Matters & Bozon

Photo: Rounded Noonflower - leaves
Rounded Noon-flower - leaves
Photo: A J Brown

Photo: Rounded Noonflower Fruit
Rounded Noon-flower - Fruit
Photo: A J Brown

Photo: Rounded Noonflower - fruit with seed
Rounded Noon-flower -fruit and seed
Photo: A J Brown

Photo: Rounded Noonflower - seedlings
Rounded Noon-flower - emerging seedlings
Photo: A J Brown

Photo: Rounded Noonflower - yellow leaves
Rounded Noon-flower - yellow leaves due to drought
Photo: A J Brown

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