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Onion Grass

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Scientific Name:Romulea rosea
Photo: Onion Grass
Photograph courtesy of
Viridans Biological Databases (external link)

Common Name:

Guildford Grass

General Description:

Perennial herb, rising annually from a brown coated globular corm about 1 cm diameter.

Leaves 3 – 10, all rising from the base of the plant, tough and grass-like, to 30 cm long 1 – 2 mm wide, with blunt edges and a prominent midrib.

Flowers 2 –4 per plant, pink to rosy purple with a yellow throat, with six equal spreading lanceolate petals, about 20 mm across, solitary at the end of a short stout stalk and subtended by 2 membranous

Fruit a wrinkled broadly oblong capsule, 6 – 10 mm long.

Flowering spring


Generally grasslands or open woodlands; also in gardens and along roadsides, often on soils which are relatively bare.

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