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Narrow-leaf Wilsonia

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Narrow-leaf Wilsonia photos

Scientific Name:Wilsonia backhousei
Narrow-leaf Wilsonia plantNarrow-leaf Wilsonia plant
Photo: A J Brown


Native to Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

Plant Description:

Small, hairless, perennial herb or subshrub with prostrate branches to 15 cm tall. Leaves without stalks, linear-lanceolate to linear-obovate, 5-15 mm long, 1-3 mm wide and fleshy. Flowers white with tubes 10 mm long and short triangular lobes or teeth 2-4 mm long. Fruit is a capsule about 3 mm long. Flowering in spring-summer but often not prolifically.


Mainly occurs on heavy soils in coastal saltmarshes and around the edges of inland salt lakes.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Wimmera, WesternS3, S4W2, W3


Often quite stunted and few branched and somewhat reddish or yellowish under extreme saline and drying conditions.

Narrow-leaf Wilsonia Photos

Narrow-leaf Wilsonia leaves and flowers
Narrow-leaf Wilsonia - leaves and flowers
Photo: A J Brown
Narrow-leaf Wilsonia leaves
Narrow-leaf Wilsonia leaves
Photo: A J Brown

Narrow-leaf Wilsonia flowers
Narrow-leaf Wilsonia - flowers
Photo: A J Brown

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