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Baccone's Sand-spurrey

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Scientific Name: Spergularia bocconei


Native of Mediterranean Europe but introduced into all Australian States and to New Zealand.

Plant Description:

or Biennial with a slender taproot. Stems usually spreading along the ground before rising. Leaves fleshy, linear, 0.4-1 mm wide and 10-30 mm long, hairless and mucronate or shortly awned. Flowers white or pink inside and normally with 2-5 stamens. Petals equal to or shorter than the 3.5-5 mm sepals, which may or may not have dark purple basal spots. Capsules about as long as the sepals and contain, unwinged, pale olive-brown, smooth to finely papillose (with tiny bumps) seeds, 0.3-0.5 mm long.


Occasional in sandy depressions and saline swamps.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Mallee, Central and NorthernS0, S1, S2, S3W0, W1, W2


Similar in some respects to
Spergularia rubra and S. marina but distinguished by its smaller, pale olive-brown seeds. A number of Sea- or Sand-spurrey species occur in Victoria and can be difficult to tell apart. A simplified key to Spergularia species can be accessed here – Key to species.
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