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Awnless Blown-grass

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Awnless Blown-grass Photos

Scientific Name:Lachnagrostis leviseta
Awnless Blown-grass
Awnless Blown-grass - large population
Photo: A J Brown


Indigenous to western Victoria. Only recently described.

Plant Description:

Tufted, erect, hairless
perennial grass to 65 cm tall with, smooth, inrolled, bluish-green, leaves to 20 cm long (but often less than 10 cm) and less than 1 mm wide; ligule membranous, acute, 5-6 mm long.

Inflorescence, a purple, erect, open and broad panicle to 25 cm long, well exserted from the leaf sheath.

Spikelets small (3.5-4 mm long), purple on short fine stalks. Each spikelet with a single, hairy, floret without an awn or bristle or with a minute awn to 0.3 mm near the tip of the floret.


Only found on saline drainage lines and flats to the west of the Grampians. Often in association with
Adamson’s Blown-grass (L. adamsonii).

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
WesternS1, S2, S3W2, W3


Similar appearance to
Common Blown-grass.

A simplified key to some of the species on salt-land can be accessed here - Blown-grass species key

Awnless Blown-grass Photos

Awnless Blown-grass - panicle
Awnless Blown-grass - panicle
Photo: A J Brown
Awnless Blown-grass panicle
Awnless Blown-grass - panicle - close
Photo: A J Brown

Awnless Blown-grass spikelets
Spikelets of Awnless Blown-grass
Photo: A J Brown

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