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Water Ribbons

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Water Ribbons photos

Scientific Name: Triglochin procerum
Water Ribbons growing in acid, saline drain
Water Ribbons growing in acid, saline drain
Photo: A J Brown

Other Common Name:

Nareli, Polango


Native to South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

Plant Description:

A robust, rhizomatous, perennial, water plant. Rhizomes are 7-18 mm thick with roots ending in elongated tubers from 20-145 mm long. Leaves are flat and strap-like, 350 cm long and generally to 40 mm wide but only to 13 mm wide in East Gippsland.

Flower-head is a fleshy, erect scape (stem), 27-145 cm long and 4-23 mm diameter with a spike-like flower-head (infructescence), 6-51 cm long and 17-42 mm diameter. Fruits are globular to ellipsoid in shape, 6.8-14.4 mm long.


Common in still to slow-flowing fresh water of 2 m depth; permanent swamps, lagoons and streams across most of lowland Victoria, excluding the Mallee. However, it can withstand dry periods. Not normally found in saline water but see ‘Comments’ below.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Central and Northern, Wimmera, Western, GippslandS0, S1, S2, S3W3, W4


Normally a plant of freshwater environments, Water Ribbons displays considerable tolerance when growing in saline and acid waters in East Gippsland. This variant of the species has narrower leaves than elsewhere. Difficult to tell apart from
Triglochin microtuberosum, a species confined to East Gippsland but growing in similar habitats to T. procerum. As its name implies, T. microtuberosum is distinguished by its small, nearly globular tubers, 4.5-13 mm long.

Water Ribbons Photos

Flower-head (infrutescence) of Water Ribbons
Flower-head (infutescence of Water Ribbons
Photo: A J Brown
Flowering plant of Water Ribbons
Flowering plant of Water Ribbons
Photo: A J Brown

Mature flower-head of Water ribbons with ripening fruits
Mature flower-head of Water Ribbons with ripening fruits
Photo: A J Brown

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