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Swamp Club-Rush

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Swamp Club-Rush photos

Scientific Name:Isolepis inundata (syn. Scirpus inundatus)
Dense stand of Swamp Club-rush
Dense stand of Seamp Club-rush
Photo: A J Brown


Native to all of Australia except the Northern Territory. Also in New Zealand, Malesia and South America.

Plant Description:

Slender, tufted to shortly
rhizomatous perennial sedge, from 5-50 cm high with 1.5 mm diameter stems. Leaves are reduced or sometimes to 15 mm long.

Spikelets are in clusters of 3-20 with a subtending bract equal to or exceeding the cluster. Spikelets are 1.5 cm long and straw coloured with brown to blackish patches, giving a dappled appearance. Fruit is a pale yellow to pale red-brown, triangular nut, 0.7-1 mm long and 0.6-0.8 mm diameter.


Grows in a wide range of environments from brackish swamps to shaded mountain gullies. Appears to have some tolerance to saline and extremely acid conditions.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Central and Northern, Wimmera, Western, GippslandS0, S1W2, W3

Swamp Club-Rush Photos

Spikelets of Swamp Club-rush
Spikelets of Swamp Club-rush
Photo: A J Brown
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