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Smooth Cat's-Ear

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Smooth Cat's-Ear Photos

Scientific Name:Hypochoeris glabra
Smooth-cat's ear plant
Smooth Cat's-ear plant
Photo: A J Brown


Native to Europe and western Asia. Naturalised throughout Australia and in New Zealand.

Plant Description:

Annual herb to 90 cm high. Leaves all basal, 2-20 cm long and 5-30 cm wide, obovate to oblanceolate with toothed to lobed margins. Leaves normally hairless or with a few hairs, mainly on the margins.

Flower-heads, 4-16 mm diameter, on branched or sometimes solitary stems. Flowers yellow with each ‘petal’ (actually a complete flower) 2-5 mm long, hardly longer than the involucre (the cup of bracts surrounding the flowers). Fruit a cypsela or achene; the inner being longer (6-12 mm) than the outer (2.5-6 mm).


Widespead throughout most of Victoria from dry to moist sites, on shallow soils and wastelands, in gardens, lawns, roadsides, parklands and bush verges.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Mallee, Loddon MurrayS0, S1W1, W2
Central and Northern, Wimmera, Western, GippslandS0, S1, S2W0, W1, W2


Very similar to
Cat’s-ear (Hypochoeris radicata) from which it differs in its hairless or almost hairless leaves and its smaller flowers. Smooth Cat’s-ear belongs to a group of mainly yellow-flowered daisies in the Tribe Lactuceae. The plants in this tribe are characterised by having a basal rosette of leaves (flat-weeds), milky sap in their stems and their flower-heads consisting entirely of ray florets (i.e. no ‘eye’ to the daisy). See Key to Yellow Daisy Flat-weeds.
      Smooth Cat's-Ear Photos
      Leaves of Smooth-cat's ear
      Leaves of Smooth Cat's-ear
      Photo: A J Brown
      Flower-head of Smooth-cat's ear
      Flower-head of Smooth Cat's-ear
      Photo: A J Brown

      Developing seed of Smooth-cat's ear
      Developing seed of Smooth Cat's-ear
      Photo: A J Brown
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