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Spiny-Headed Mat-Rush

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Spiny-Headed Mat-Rush photos

Scientific Name:Lomandra longifolia
Spiny-head Mat-rush plant
Spiny-headed Mat-rush plant
Photo: A J Brown



Plant Description:

tussocky perennial species with separate male and female plants. Leaves flat or slightly convex, 50-100 cm long and 2010 mm wide, hairless and with a gradually tapering, brown, orange-brown or reddish-brown basal sheath.

Male and female flower-heads similar with branches 12-50 cm long and whorled flower clusters with basal bracts longer than the clusters, straw to whitish-coloured and pungent. Male flowers 3-3.5 mm long, female flowers about 4.5 mm long. Fruit a globular, cylindric or trigonous (triangular in profile) capsule.


Common species from coastal to subalpine areas, growing in heathlands, forests, alluvial flats or deep sands. In appears to be both drought and waterlogging tolerant as well as growing well in coastal salt-spray, frosted, tropical, full sun and shaded situations.


Spiny-headed Mat-rush has been used as a garden ornamental for many situations, including medium strips and drought tolerant gardens.

Spiny-Headed Mat-Rush Photos

Spiny-head Mat-rush fruit
Developing fruit of Spiny-headed Mat-rush
Photo: A J Brown
Spiny-head Mat-rush fruit1
Developing fruit of Spiny-headed Mat-rush
Photo: A J Brown

Spiny-head Mat-rush mature flower-head
Mature flower-head of Spiny Mat-rush
Photo: A J Brown

Spiny-head Mat-rush leaf
Spiny-headed Mat-rush leaf
Photo: A J Brown

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