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Sea Box

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Sea Box photos

Scientific Name:Alyxia buxifolia
Sea box plant
Sea Box plant
Photo: A J Brown


Native to Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

Plant Description:

Small compact shrub to 2 m tall. Leaves dark to mid green and arranged opposite to each other on stems; thick and leathery,
elliptical to almost round in shape, smooth, 1-3 cm long.

Flowers scattered in small terminal clusters, with an orange cylindrical tube to 8 mm long and five white petals twisted in one direction as in a windmill fan. Fruit is an orange, globular drupe (fleshy) about 8 mm diameter.


Confined to coastal habitats but found right along the Victorian coastline. Often wind-pruned in exposed situations. Is also tolerant of limestone derived soils.


Although the fruit of Sea Box is eaten by coastal birds, it is toxic to humans.

Sea Box Photos

Sea box branches
Sea Box branches
Photo: A J Brown
Sea Box leaves and flowers
Leaves and flowers of Sea Box
Photo: A J Brown

Sea box flower
Sea Box flower
Photo: A J Brown

Sea box fruit
Sea Box fruit
Photo: A J Brown

Sea Box buds
Flowers and buds of Sea Box
Photo: A J Brown

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