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Long-leaf Pigface

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Scientific Name:Carpobrotus aff. rossii
Inland Pigface - leaf
Long-leaf Pigface - leaf
Photo: A J Brown


Native to Australia.

Plant Description:

Perennial succulent with trailing stems up to 14 mm diameter. Pale blue-green leaves , up to 12 cm long and 13 mm thick, often incurved, smooth and triangular with more or less flat (slightly concave) faces and sharp angles.

Flowers to 5 cm diameter when open and of numerous purple 'petals' (actually sterile
stamens, termed petaloid staminodes), which number 200-300. The fruit is fig-like, fleshy and indehiscent, slightly flattened and globular to ellipsoid in shape, at least 4 cm long and reddish-green when ripe. Flowers in spring .


Uncommon on rocky and deeper sandy soils in far north-west Victoria.  

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
MalleeS0, S1W0, W1


Currently an undescribed species.

Similar to other Pigfaces (see
Key to Pigfaces and similar plants). May be confused with Inland Pigface (Carpobrotus modestus) or Rounded Noon-flower (Disphyma crassifolium subsp. clavellatum) which can grow in the same habitats.

Inland Pigface - developing fruit
Long-leaf Pigface - developing fruit
Photo: A J Brown
Inland Pigface - leaves
Long-leaf Pigface - leaves
Photo: A J Brown

Inland Pigface - spent flower
Long-leaf Pigface - spent flowers
Photo: A J Brown

Inland Pigface - plant
Long-leaf Pigface - plant
Photo: A J Brown

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