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Crimson Berry

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Crimson Berry photos

Scientific Name:Leptecophylla juniperina subsp. oxycedrus (syn. Cyathodes juniperina)
Crimson Berry plant
Crimson Berry plant
Photo: A J Brown

Other Common Names:

Coastal Pinkberry, Prickly Heath


Native to Tasmania, Victoria and New Zealand.

Plant Description:

A woody dense shrub to 2 m tall, with small needle-like leaves 10-15 mm long. It produces small white bell-shaped flowers. Fruit are pink to red drupes (berries).


Restricted to coastal areas from Port Phillip Bay to Wilson’s Promontory and considered to be vulnerable by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.


Consisting of three subspecies, the only form of this plant in Victorian is subspecies
oxycedrus. The fruit is edible, either raw or cooked.

Crimson Berry Photos

Crimson Berry leaves
Leaves of Crimson Berry
Photo: A J Brown
Crimson Berry fruit
Fruit of Crimson Berry
Photo: A J Brown

Crimson Berry fruit1
Fruit of Crimson Berry
Photo: A J Brown

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