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Gully erosion is more conspicuous than tunnel erosion at least in its early comparable stage of development as an open channel and has received much more attention in the research literature. These two forms of water erosion can be related in an evolutionary sense with respect to landform development (as tunnels collapse to form gullies), although there are many areas in which gullies have occurred without tunnelling. The options for gully reclamation are clearer than for tunnel erosion at present, but a range of issues needs to be considered concerning the financial outlay and approach involved. For example, as demonstrated on these web-pages, a wide range of soil materials has been incised and the dimensions of gullies are important. Questions raised include:

  • does the soil require chemical amelioration?
  • is the gully too deep to fill?
  • are there other options which may improve the aesthetics of the affected area?
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