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Present Distribution of Amsinckia (Amsinckia spp.) in Victoria (Nox)

The infestations shown on these maps are derived from the Flora Information Systems (FIS) (2002), Integrated Pest Management System (IPMS) (2003) and Noxious Weed Survey (Lane et al, 1980).

The map is not meant to display a complete statewide inventory for this species. There are areas, for instance, where this species may be present but has not been recorded. IPMS data (managed by DSE), for example, reflects the regional policies, priorities, programs and available human resources etc over the last 12 or so years (up to early 2003). It is reasonable, therefore, to assume that for most species, the extent of infestations in a region will be greater than is recorded.

Map:  Present distribution Amsinckia
Present distribution of Amsinckia Intermedia
Map:  Present distribution Amsinckia - Bugloss Fiddleneck
Present distribution of Bugloss Fiddle Neck

Map:  Present distribution Amsinckia - Common Fiddleneck
Present distribution of Common Fiddleneck

Information from Noxious Weeds Survey (Lane et al 1980)

ColourInfestation Area (ha)
Dark BrownDense Infestation8,000
FawnMedium 300,000
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