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6.2 Sedimentary plains (Plains on unconsolidated (sedimentary) deposits)

6. Western Plains (WP)

6.2.1 Plains with ridges (Follett)
6.2.2 Dissected plains (Heytesbury)
6.2.3 Karst plains with depressions (Warrnambool)
6.2.4 Plains and plains with low rises (Duck Hole Plain, Irrewillipe, Hanson Plain)
6.2.5 Terraces and floodplains and coastal plains (Barwon River, Moolap sunklands, Cape Otway)

The sedimentary plains mainly comprise the marine sands deposited by the retreating Pliocene sea and sometimes the older underlying Gellibrand Marl and Port Campbell Limestone is also exposed. These sand plains also appear in ‘windows’ within the area of the volcanic plains, where they have not been covered by lava flows.
Image: 6.2
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