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1.1.3 Enclosed landscapes of low relief (Horsehair Plain)

1. Eastern Uplands (EU)

1.1.1 Summit plateaux (Mt Bogong, Baw Baw, Buffalo, Mt Wills)
1.1.2 Broad ridges, plateaux (Hotham-Lock Ridge, Mt Fainter Ridge, Barry Mountains, Davies Plain)
1.1.3 Enclosed landscapes of low relief (Horsehair Plain)
1.1.4 Capped (basalt) plains (Mt Jim-Bogong High Plains, Dargo Plains, Nunniong Plains)

Landscapes of this category are sub-planar surfaces partly surrounded by slopes rising significantly above them.

Horsehair Plain, in the Mt Hotham region, is a small plain enclosed by slopes of gneissic rocks.

The Bennison Plains and Holmes Plain, immediately south of the Snowy Plain, are elongated areas of low relief immediately to the east of Mt. Tamboritha (1 640 m) and Mt. Reynard (1 737 m) and below them at elevations of about 1 300-155 m. The streams on these plains relate strongly to the strike of the underlying Upper Devonian sandstone. To the east, both plains are enclosed by a ridge of Upper Devonian rhyolite culminating in Mt. Arbuckle (1 582 m).
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