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A Study of the Land in the Catchments to the North of Melbourne

This report "A Study of the Land in the Catchments to the North of Melbourne" was published in 1981 as part of the former Soil Conservation Authority's programme of Land System Survey mapping in Victoria. The study area forms part of the hinterland of Melbourne, incorporating several catchments draining to Port Phillip Bay.

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Arthur's Creek (PDF 130KB)Cobaw (PDF 136KB)Cottrell (PDF 85KB)Darraweit Gum (PDF 61KB)
Djerriwarrh (PDF 86KB)Doreen (PDF 62KB)Footscray (PDF 46KB)Greenvale (PDF 128KB)
Humevale (PDF 43KB)Kangaroo Ground (PDF 24KB)Kinglake (PDF 82KB)Macedon (PDF 97KB)
Maribyrnong (PDF 70KB)Marnong (PDF 83KB)Mernda (PDF 74KB)Mickleham (PDF 60KB)
Monegeeta (PDF 52KB)Mt Charlie (PDF 86KB)Mt Disappointment (PDF 88KB)Mt William (PDF 57KB)
Pretty Sally (PDF 108KB)Rockbank (PDF 70KB)Rockford (PDF 60KB)Romsey (PDF 78KB)
Springfield (PDF 79KB)Sunbury (PDF 88KB)Whittlesea (PDF 75KB)Wollert (PDF 49KB)
Wombat (PDF 99KB)

Image:  A Study of the Land in the Catchments to the North of Melbourne
Front Page and Table of Contents (PDF 63KB)
Acknowledgements (PDF 13KB)
Introduction (PDF 192KB)
Climate (PDF 128B)
Physiography and Geology (PDF 22KB)
Soils (PDF 139KB)
Native Vegetation (PDF 25KB)
Land Systems (PDF 134KB)
(Refer to list above for individual Land Systems)
Soil Conservation (PDF 526KB)
Glossary (PDF 32KB)
Bibliography (PDF 23KB)
Appendix 1 - Analytical Data for Selected Soil Profiles (PDF 2.9MB)
Appendix 2 - Methods of Soil Analysis (PDF 15KB)
Appendix 3 - Soil Profile Descriptions (PDF 23KB)
Appendix 4 - Occurrence of Species in Land System Components Species found within 10 m of soil sampling site (PDF 98KB)
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