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Preliminary Land Capability Study in the Shire of Talbot and Clunes

The former Shire of Talbot & Clunes was located between Maryborough & Ballarat. This study was commisssioned in 1981 as part of the Rural Mapping Program initiated by the former Ministry of Planning and was prepared by R T Costello, Research Officer, Land Capability Assessment Section of the former Soil Conservation Authority. The purpose of the study was to provide an assessment of land capability to be used by planners as an aid to developing a planning scheme. The mapping was provided at 1:25 000 - a scale considered useful in assessing subdivision and other land use proposals at the time. The report covers:

    • erosion risk assessment
    • other land use constraints
    • land management guidelines

To view the information PDF requires the use of a PDF reader. This can be installed for free from the Adobe website (external link).

Preliminary land capability study in the shrie of Talbot/Clunes
Front page and Table of Contents
Summary of land assessment
How the ratings can be used
Rural subdivision
Land Capability Rating classes (rural subdivision)
Management guidelines (as associated with the five erosion risk capability classes)
Map unit descriptions and detailed assessment (see list below)

Map Units
Alluvial plainsBasgrey drainage depressionsBasgrey plainBasgrey gentle slopesBasgrey moderate slopes
Basgrey swampsBasgrey wet areasGrockworth plainsGrockworth gentle slopesGrockworth moderate slopes
Grockworth hillsGrockworth rugged steep hillsGrockworth very rugged steep hillsGrockworth drainage depressionsOreef low hills
Oreef steep hillsOreef very steep hillsOreef narrow valleysSeddor flat valley floorsSeddor plain
Seddor very gentle slopesSeddor gentle slopesSeddor hillsSeddor dainage depressionsTull valley flats
Tull valley gentle slopesTull valley moderate slopesTull shallow valleyTull valleyMap Symbol TD
Volcone plainVolcone gentle to moderate slopesVolcone hillsVolcone steep hills
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