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A Study of the Land in the Mount Buffalo National Park

Photo:  Mt Buffalo from Porepunkah
View of Mt Buffalo from Porepunkah.

This land study was carried out by Ken Rowe of the former Soil Conservation Authority (SCA) in the late 1960s and published in 1970. It aimed to provide basic information that would assist the then National Parks Authority plan and manage the Mount Buffalo National Park.

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The Land Units

Land Unit 1 - Basins on granite (PDF 1.4MB)Land Unit 2 - Basins on sedimentary rocks (PDF 453KB)
Land Unit 3 - Hills at high elevations on granite, very rocky (PDF 755KB)Land Unit 4 - Hills at high elevations on granite, not very rocky (PDF 465KB)
Land Unit 5 - Hills at intermediate elevations on sedimentary rocks (PDF 457KB)Land Unit 6 - Slopes of granite, very rocky (PDF 522KB)
Land Unit 7 - Slopes of granite, not very rocky (PDF 597KB)Land Unit 8 - Slopes of sedimentary rocks (PDF 629KB)
Land Unit 9 - High-valley plains (PDF 903KB)

Image:  Front Cover Mt Buffalo Land Survey
Front Page, Table of Contents, Preface and Summary (PDF 431KB)
Introduction (PDF 379KB)
- The Area
- Reasons for the Study
The Environment (PDF 1.3MB)
- Climate
- Geology - Topography
- Vegetation
- Vegetative Communities
- Fauna
Land Use (PDF 833KB)
- Land Use Past and Present
- Present Condition of the Park
- A Classification of National Parks
The Environmental Patterns - Ecology basis of Mapping Units, and the Methods Used (PDF 113KB)
- The Principles
- The Methods
- The Land Units (Refer to individual listing above for specific land units)
Conclusions (PDF 116KB)
Acknowledgments (PDF 313KB)
References (PDF 313KB)
Appendices (PDF 313KB)

Image:  Mt Buffalo Map
Land Units in the Mount Buffalo National Park (PDF 1.3MB)

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