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A Study of the Land in the Victorian Catchment of Lake Hume

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Bogong Land System (PDF 475KB)
Koetong Land System (PDF 685KB)
Murray Land System (PDF 550KB)
Enano Land System (PDF 385KB)
Mowamba Land System (PDF 362KB)
Berringama Land System (PDF 828 KB)
Sub-Systems Lucyale, Wagra
Pinnibar Land System (PDF 362KB)
Omeo Land System (PDF 658KB)
Beloka Land System (PDF 595KB)
Staleyville Land System (PDF 368KB)
Adjie Land System (PDF 685KB)
Sub-Systems Towong, Dart
Burrowa Land System (PDF 660KB)
Sub-Systems Jemba, Mittamatite
Cobungra Land System (PDF 423KB)
Bethanga Land System (PDF 426KB)
Hinno Munjie Land System (PDF 429KB)
Bunjil Land System (PDF 425KB)
Livingstone Land System (PDF 657KB)
Sub-Systems Parslow, Glen Wills
Benambra Land System (PDF 1.5MB)
Sub-Systems Magorra, Thowgla, Gibbo

Image:  A Study of the Land in the Victorian Catchment of Lake Hume
Front Page and Summary (PDF 167KB)

Part I - Purpose and Area of the Survey (PDF 436KB)
- Purpose of the Survey
- The Area
- History

Part II - The Natural Environment

Climate (PDF 1.3MB)
Soil Parent Materials and Topography (PDF 644KB)
Soils (PDF 97KB)
Vegetation (PDF 1.5MB)

Part III - The Influence of Settlement (PDF 1.5MB)
- Activities of Man
- Present Use of the Land
- Present Condition of the Land

Part IV - Ecology and Land-Use (PDF 215KB)
- Distribution of Environmental Patterns
- Land Systems and Sub-systems
- (refer to list above for individual land systems)

Part V - Conclusions and Recommendations (PDF 120KB)

Part VI - Acknowledgments, References and Appendices (PDF 195KB)

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