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Landuse Restrictions

Vegetation Clearing

Since 1989, the Victorian Government has had in place comprehensive measures concerning the removal or destruction of native vegetation. These prevent broadscale clearing while not inhibiting minor clearing associated with normal farm or domestic activities. The measures also promote continued maintenance of assets by public authorities and municipalities. This is designed to encourage the retention of native vegetation in coordination with land protection and replanting programs.

Local government administers native vegetation retention (NVR) in the region and DSE is the referral authority (East Gippsland CaLPB, 1997).

Planning guidelines for native vegetation retention controls are briefly outlined within the East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (external link).

Declared Water Supply Catchments

Other landuse restrictions are detailed for various Land Use Determination (LUD) plans for a number of Declared Water Supply Catchments in the region.


East Gippsland Catchment and Land Protection Board (CaLPB) (1997). Regional Catchment Strategy. East Gippsland CaLPB.

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