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Regional Soil/Landform Mapping

Status of Soil/Landform Mapping

A survey of the soils and landforms covering non-public lands throughout the region is currently being completed at 1:100 000 scale and is now being entered onto this website. A number of preliminary reports have been published as part of this survey – including ‘Major Agricultural Soils of the Maffra Region’ (Sargeant and Imhof, 2000). The information provided here can be referenced as: Sargeant, I and Imhof, M. Major Agricultural Soils of West Gippsland - as published on the Victorian Resources Online website.

Soil Surveys
West Gippsland Detailed Soil / Landform Surveys
Mapsheets - (shaded green on map)

Foster Mapsheet
Moe Mapsheet
Sale Mapsheet
Stratford Mapsheet
Traralgon Mapsheet
Warragul Mapsheet
Wonthaggi Mapsheet
Woolamai Mapsheet
Yarram Mapsheet

Soils of the Maffra Region - (shaded orange on map)

Regional Soil/Landform Mapping Units


Photo: Ian Sargeant discussing soil mapping with a landholder near Sale.
Ian Sargeant discussing soil mapping with

a landholder near Sale.

Access to spatial data

A spatial dataset of Land units of the Gippsland region of Victoria (external link) (DOI 10.4226/92/58e719aeb6e7c) is freely available through the DataVic website.
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