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1.3.4 Karst with depressions (Buchan)

1. Eastern Uplands (EU)

1.3.1 Low relief landscapes at low elevation (Cann River south, Silvan, Templestowe)
1.3.2 Enclosed landscapes of low relief (Murmungee, Omeo, Dargo, Buldah)
1.3.3 Terraces, fans and floodplains (Kiewa Valley, Wonnangatta Valley)
1.3.4 Karst with depressions (Buchan)

As in New South Wales, the Victorian highlands include relatively small enclaves of limestone in which caves and other karst terrain-elements have developed.

The main outcrops at Buchan / Murrindal comprise one of the largest areas of cave-forming limestone in eastern Australia with “The Potholes” having the highest density of dolines in any Australian karst system. Solution effects, including collapses into a complex system of caves reflect drops in cave stream levels and in the water-table levels associated with the down-cutting of the nearby Buchan River.

Smaller cave areas occur on the Snowy River and Limestone Creek (northeast of Benambra).
Image: 1.3.4
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