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Land Resource Assessment in the Western part of the Shire of Towong

Land resource assessment has been undertaken in the Lake Hume catchment over an area formerly in the Shire of Tallangatta and is now incorporated within the Shire of Towong. The aim was to provide an inventory of land types and an understanding of their inherent land processes as a basis for sound land use and land management decisions. The study 'Land Resource Assessment in the Western Part of the Shire of Towong - Covering the Former Shire of Tallangatta' was carried out by the former Centre for Land Protection Research in July 1999, by R Hook and D Rees.

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Image:  Land Resource Assessment Towong - FP
Front Page and Table of Contents (PDF 23KB)
Acknowledgements (PDF 139KB)
Abstract (PDF 15KB)
Introduction (PDF 226KB)
Physical Characteristics of the Land (PDF 1.5MB)
Land Classification (PDF 48KB)
Land Type Descriptions (PDF 1.5MB)
Appendix 1 - Sources of Information and Notes on Methodology for Data in Land Type Tables. (PDF 31KB)
Appendix 2 - Notes on Assessment of Susceptibility of Land Types to Deterioration. (PDF 54KB)
Appendix 3 - Laboratory Data for Selected Soil Profiles. (PDF 887KB)

Image:  Tallangatta Legend1
(PDF 329KB)
Image:  Tallangatta Legend
(PDF 296KB)

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