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A Study of the Land in the catchments of the upper Ovens and King Rivers

"A Study of the land in the catchments of the upper Ovens and King Rivers - TC-16" survey by R. K. Rowe of the former Soil Conservation Authority, reported in 1984 is one of a series begun in 1952, designed to provide a broad-scale coverage of the State of Victoria. The purpose was to map, describe and evaluate the biophysical nature of the land, as basic information for planning conservation under a variety of uses and determining the most suitable use in the public interest.

The information provided a basis for planning at the State or regional level, and provided a systematic background for local investigations such as assessment of the land's capability for specific uses.

The surveys evolved from principles put forward by Downes (1949), Christian and Stewart (1953), Costin (1954), Gibbons and Downes (1964), Gibbons and Haans (1976) and others.

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Bowman land system (PDF 258KB)Buckland land system (PDF 198KB)Buffalo land system (PDF 265KB)Bungamero land system (PDF 174KB)
Carboor land system (PDF 212KB)Cobbler land system (PDF 192KB)Dandongadale land system (PDF 257KB)Drum Top land system (PDF 221KB)
Evans land system (PDF 183KB)Feathertop land system (PDF 217B)Hansonville land system (PDF 162KB)King land system (PDF 206KB)
Koonika land system (PDF 213KB)Mahaakah land system (PDF 217KB)Moyhu land system (PDF 153KB)Myrrhee land system (PDF 199KB)
Myrtleford land system (PDF 188KB)Ovens land system (PDF 197KB)Pinnacles land system (PDF 184KB)Porepunkah land system (PDF 227KB)
Stanley land system (PDF 199KB)Toombullup land system (PDF 199KB)Wabonga land system (PDF 215KB)Yackandandah land system (PDF 159KB)

Image:  A Study of the land in the catchments of the upper Ovens and King Rivers
Front Page and Table of Contents (PDF 17KB)
Foreword (PDF 194KB)
Summary (PDF 1.0MB)
List of Publications in Technical Communication Series (PDF 12KB)
Acknowledgements (PDF 12KB)
Introduction (PDF 131KB)
Climate (PDF 244KB)
Geology and Geomorphology (PDF 294KB)
Soils (PDF 110KB)
Native Vegetation (PDF 486KB)
Land Use (PDF 225KB)
Land Systems (PDF 231KB)
Soil Conservation (PDF 206KB)
References (PDF 21KB)
Appendix I - Analytical data for soils (PDF 1.5MB)
Appendix II - Methods of soil analysis (PDF 16KB)
Appendix III - Soil profile descriptions (PDF 226KB)
Appendix IV - Classification of vegetative communities (PDF 21KB)
Appendix V - Floristic unit (PDF 18KB)
Appendix VI - Methods and explanation of land system data (PDF 19KB)

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