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Reconnaissance of Soils for Irrigation in East Gippsland - 1965-66

The "Reconnaissance of Soils for Irrigation in East Gippsland - 1965-66" by J. W. Newell, of the former Department of Agriculture, was undertaken at the request of the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission to assist in preparation of evidence presented to the Parliamentary Public Works Committee in April 1966. The inquiry concerned the allocation of water resources east of Melbourne, particularly in regard to the future water supply for the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

The lands investigated were specified by the Commission and were those which might be capable of being irrigated from the Thomson, Macalister, Avon, La Trobe and Mitchell river systems. The first part of the investigation was completed prior to April 1966 and concerns the areas between the La Trobe and Mitchell rivers. Subsequently, further areas to the south of the La Trobe river were investigated. The present report, together with two accompanying maps, deal with both stages of the investigation.

Image:  Reconnaissance of Soils for Irrigation in East Gippsland 1965-66

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