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Detailed Soil Surveys

Soils of the Lowan Region | Soils of the Neuarpur Region | Soils of the Wimmera Irrigation Region | Soils of the Eastern Wimmera | Soils of the Vineyard Districts

Small Area Soil Surveys | CSIRO Soil Survey Reports | Soils of the Horsham Mapsheet | Soils of part of the Kalkee Plains - Report No. 53

More detailed soil and land information for selected areas is also available. Initially more detailed information has been provided for the Lowan region and Neuarpur Groundwater Management Areas as well as for the Wimmera Irrigation Area around Horsham and the Eastern Wimmera Region.

The map on the right shows these areas and can be clicked on to go to relevant information.
Some thirteen soil surveys have been carried out for areas within the Wimmera region. To find details about these surveys and their availability from DEPI library access the Soil and Land Survey Directory. Some of these reports are available for download on this site (see links at top of page).Soil and Land Survey Directory
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