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Soils of the Horsham Map Sheet

The report: Soil Associations of Horsham Map sheet No. 7324' was prepared in 1977 by Nabil Badawy from the former Department of Agriculture. This report aimed to provide research and advisory staff with basic information for the location and identification of soils with known or suspected agronomic problems in the surveyed area. It contains a description of associated groups of soils, their distribution in the area and the landscape soil relationships. Soils were described according to the now outdated Northcote Factual Key.

To view the information PDF requires the use of a PDF reader. This can be installed for free from the Adobe website (external link).

Image: Horsham Map Sheet FP
Section 1Scope and Purpose of Survey (PDF 1.6MB)
Introduction (PDF 1.6MB)
Location (PDF 1.6MB)
Section 2Landscape Units and Soil Associations (PDF 1.6MB)
The Landscape-Soil Relationship (PDF 1.6MB)
The Soil Association (PDF 1.6MB)
Section 3Relation to earlier Surveys (PDF 1.2MB)
References (PDF 1.2MB)
Appendix IApprox. areas of landscape units and their soil associations (PDF 1.2MB)
Appendix IIDefinition of Soil Terms (PDF 1.2MB)
Appendix IIISoil Survey Methods (scale & procedure) (PDF 1.2MB)

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